Moldova plans to sue Russia’s Gazprom for failure to stick to contract -deputy PM

Moldova plans to sue Russia’s Gazprom (GAZP.MM) for failing to fulfill its obligations under a contract to supply gas, Germany’s Deutsche Welle agency cited a senior official as saying on Wednesday.

“They simply ignore their obligations. And they will pay for it,” Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Spinu told the agency, saying that Moldova had been forced to buy gas and energy elsewhere.

One of Europe’s poorest countries, Moldova is reliant on Russian gas and has been hit hard by a surge in prices since the invasion of Ukraine. It is embroiled in a long-running dispute stage over historical debts with Gazprom.

“The fact we are now forced to buy gas and electricity on the international market is Gazprom’s fault, and our lawyers are now working on the details in order to sue the concern for not fulfilling its obligations under the gas supply contract,” Spinu told the agency. He did not give details.

Late last month, Gazprom withdrew a threat to reduce gas supplies but said it reserved the right to lower or halt flows in the future if Moldova failed to make agreed payments.

In October, Spinu complained that Gazprom was not behaving like a serious partner.