Dog rescued from highway overpass ledge in Florida

Animal control officers in Florida came to the rescue of a dog found trapped on a narrow ledge at the side of a highway overpass.

The Hillsborough County Government posted a video to Facebook showing the rescue of the female canine after she was spotted on an Interstate 275 ledge over the Armenia exit.

The post said the dog had escaped from her owner’s yard by tunneling under a fence.

Officers said they do not know how the dog ended up on the ledge.

“My only speculation would be that it was running on the overpass, got scared by a large vehicle, and maybe jumped over. It’s kind of anybody’s guess as to how it actually got there,” Pivulsiri told WFTS-TV.

The dog was microchipped, leading to a reunion with her owner.

“The dog was extremely friendly and the family was extremely happy to get the dog back. The actual owner was at work, her sister was at the house, so we took her back to the house. They fixed everything that allowed the dog to escape,” Pivulsiri said.